Pipian Mole Serving Sauce (350grs/box)

Serving sauce: Ground chillies, condiments & pumpkin seeds. Paste, ready to use 234 grs / jar


Pipian Serving Sauce:

Sold individually in 350g Box – (24 boxes come in a case)

Mole is a legendary and classic dish mainly eaten in festive occasions. Moles are a family of sauces made up a combination of over 20 ingredients that can include peanuts, pumpkin seeds, fresh or dried red chillies, garlic, onion etc. Mole has been part of the ancient Mexican cuisine since pre-Columbian times. This pipian mole sauce has a lovely nutty flavour from the use of pumpkin seeds and an earthy orange colour. To use this sauce; simply open, heat and combine with an pre-cooked meat (chicken or pork is best) or vegetables.

Add to chicken, pork, enchiladas, eggs, tamales, rice or beans. This product is particularly tasty when combined with a salty cheese such as queso fresco (or a nice feta).

Refrigerate after opening in a sealed container and use within 4 weeks.


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